Midland Daily News is the premier local print news group in the Midland area, which is home to five universities and post-secondary schools. Midland Daily News and the weekly Our Midland newspaper reach over 45 thousand residents. Our editorial content includes community news, wire reports, business, sports and entertainment.

Midland Daily News has earned many awards, including AP News Member of the Year from the Michigan Associated Press. The Newspaper Association of America has presented national awards to the Daily News for Best Circulation Promotion and Best Local Advertising Campaign.


News Website

Each month, sees more than 474 thousand highly engaged unique visitors. Last year, consumers engaged with over 8.7 million pages of local media content, making the number one place to receive breaking news, entertainment, real estate listings and local sports updates from the Midland area.


Digital Edition

The Digital Edition (also called the E-Edition) is an exact digital replica of the printed newspaper, including the same news, features, ads and layout. You can read it wherever you have access to the Internet - at the airport, at work or over your morning cup of coffee. Or you can download your digital edition to read later!


Magazines and Special Sections

Targeting an active, highly educated community with several universities, colleges and post-secondary institutions in the region, Midland Daily News offers over 35 special publications reaching nearly 50K residents and visitors alike. Specials include Readers’ Choice, 40 Under 20, Spectrum City Directory, Senior Scope, Homestyle, and more.


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