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Reach Aging Adults & Their Families

We can develop a marketing campaign for your assisted living or retirement facility that emphasizes the key elements of your residents’ experience. Whether your goal is to increase occupancy rates or build trust with your audience, our experts will work with you to build a campaign designed to achieve the results you’re looking for.

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Meet the Strategic Senior Living Team

Steven Bizzotto

Strategic Accounts, Senior Living

Bio: Stephen is an established account executive of 25+ years who collaborates with a diverse group of clients to help reach their business goals. He is an expert in identifying the most targeted digital and print solutions designed to fit the customer’s needs and deliver the best return on investment.

Vincent Yade

Strategic Accounts, Senior Living

Bio: Vincent focuses on data-driven solutions to achieve his client's goals. Perfecting both innovative and creative strategies, he helps segment audiences to engage the elderly parent as well as children who may assist with long term care.

Adam Shapiro

Strategic Accounts, Senior Living

Bio: Adam develops a unique understanding of his clients’ experience. He uses those insights to create integrated marketing solutions designed to maximize revenue. Adam’s creativity and methodical approach make him a valuable partner for clients looking to improve ROI.

Suzanne Gallagher

Strategic Accounts, Senior Living

Bio: Suzanne brings a wealth of industry experience to her clients’, specializing in custom strategic campaigns that include lead generation, direct response and branding. She has a long history of driving ROI with focused expertise in growing enrollment within the Education sector. 

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